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NCIHD is proud to host three of the premier speakers in the field of Personal Spiritual Development:  





New Concepts page is here to offer open minded people the opportunity to experience and share ideas related to the new era of progressive thinking and the Individual's Perspective of the Human Experience.

We will examine current and coming events relative to the changes in the world today review, historical thinking and attitudes, and how new a understanding of man's place in the universe can be utilized to affect and improve the daily life of each and every one of us.

Dr. Larry L'Heureux's Message





How you can change your mind and change your world.....


Becoming aware of your personal life energy flow and how understanding it can benefit you...


Accessing your personal connection to the universal source...


How you can literally chose your future...


How to develop a direct connection your personal power...

Among the topics and questions discussed will be:

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" Experience Your Personal Connection To The Universal Source "

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