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The plants you have surrounded yourself with, are an expression of you! From small plants you tend within your homes, to those that you care for outside, to even those that are parts of your greater surroundings, they all impact you & your personality! If you have within your home a small fern or flowering plants, it repersent a softness & caring within you. If outside, you have flowering plants with brilliant blosums, or ones with shiny green leafs, it may be a representation of an outgoing personality, one who loves life and is excited with life. And the trees, palms are usually laid back, easy going, causal dressers! While tall pines or redwoods repersent strenth, the ability to control your world, but also the ability to bend & adapt to a changing world around them. Then there are the tall oaks, strength, unyeilding, even stuborness. Now take note of the type of trees that populate your world. You are drawn to these type of trees because they are of your energies. A forest of trees means you are ok living close togetther, such as in cities. If your trees are more sparse, greater varities, or few, then you are likely to be a loner, one who love your solitude. While these are generalities, take note of how you think you woud feel with each of the energies. Are you content or are you missing something? Observe that you are not seperate from the world of plants surrounding you, but rather they are an internal part of your phychic! Without the plants stablizing infulunces, you would find life most difficult. So what if you live in a space where plant life does not exist? Then we suggest then you identify more closely with animal life! You are each creators, you create the world you desire! We are Alexander

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Love is the creative passion of life.

Without love you are still-born, walking through life in a darken daze.

You are born into this world with one overriding directive. That is to seek out love, love that awakens the Soul, love that energize the body, love that set your existence aglow. It is not enough to love only one thing, or one person, or one activity, to the exclusion of everything else. You are here to love life. You are born, you grow, and you experience. And all the while the world around you is asking “Can you love this?” Can you love yourself enough, can you find within yourself your unlimited passion for life’s experience, can you discover the courage to love life limitlessly?

Love is as you make it!

Life is as you take it!

We are Alexander

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From the grape, in dissolution, came forth wine

Wine has been called the “Elixir of the Gods”. The making of wine predates your history. In Greece & most of the world around 300BC, it was considered a safer drink than water, due to the unknown impurities found in water. Indeed this was the drink of celebrations as well as the ideal drink to consume with your meals. White wines were more desirable than reds at one time due to the association of red wine with blood. The making of wine was considered as much an art then, as it is in your world today. After the fermentation of the wine, in was sealed in clay vases called “amphoras” and sealed with a clay lid using a pine rosin to preserve it. The use of glass bottles is a rather new innovation, which allows the beauty of the wine to show through. The Catholic church, since it’s inception, has been one of major supporter of wine through it use of wine as a part of it’s ceremonies. Indeed most Catholic churches during the middle ages, had taverns on their grounds which served wine. Wines have always been considered “the drink” to have at social events.

So now when you are partaking in a small glass of wine, allow your self to slip (sip) back in time to past lives, past experiences, and imagine what it was like in the beginning of time, the events of the pyramids, the golden age of Greece, the height of the Roman empire, the troubled middle ages, the British expansion, the old & new Americas, and even today. It is all brought to you, in your meditations, by your association with the “Elixir of the Gods”, the humble spiritual glass of wine!

We are Alexander

By ncihd, Feb 6 2019 03:53AM

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, May 10 2018 11:46PM

You have heard the word “Spirituality”, yes? The meaning is perhaps of being spiritual, God like, or connected with the oneness or source. It is not a religion per say, but perhaps includes all religions and religious ideas. We indeed are all spiritual. It is who we are, what we are, even if we do not seek or want that awareness. It is from where we come, where we create from and experience ourselves. So being spiritual is a given. It is not something we must seek to be or to become. It is already our foundation, our bases. Everything else is created or our creations.

It is from this spiritual base we create these physical experiences. One of these creations happens to be the human race or humanity. So being human and connect with your spiritual self or your spirituality, you establish your “Humanality”. The meaning of which is, the human awareness joining with the creator or spiritual source that has created it. From the beginning of Earthly creations and from your first human incarnation or creation, you have always had an awareness of a special source behind all you do or have done. Hence, the believes of spirits, in Gods, and higher beings. It is the reason there is and has been, religions, churches, and other sacred gatherings and higher beings through out time eternal. It is unfortunate that most, as humans, have yet to discover this joining or true connection with the spirit or soul that they are. There is either a denial that they are anything other than the human physical or they seek to find a God or some higher being outside and separate from themselves. Yet we tell you, that connection dwells within your heart or your emotional connections with love, compassion, and caring. It will become most apparent if you change your perspective from only human awareness to your spiritual consciousness. You will now become the observer of your human experiences. We give to you as examples. If you are being competitive, uncaring, self absorbed, and perhaps a little shellfish. This is not “Humanality”. It is not connecting with your source, which desires to create, express, and feel its connection with the oneness in everything. The human body is an excellent vehicle within which to experience emotions. Now, second example, you have meet someone and, as you would say, fallen deeply in love with this person. The emotions of love, caring, and compassion, are there in mega amounts. This is indeed “Humanality”! It transcends all religions and religious idea. It is not a religious idea but rather how you feel about someone or something that connects you with all things. It is about being a good compassionate listener, about encouraging others in their life’s direction. Now take this awareness, this consciousness, and find the same love in your own soul, in your spirit, in your higher self, and in your God self. You will be amazed at your intelligence and abilities to aid other, to read and to help others. You will expand for now you have discovered what all who have mastered this plane have found. It is your purpose, your destiny, your creation, and your growth. It is Humanality, your Humanality! We are Alexander

By ncihd, Feb 6 2019 03:52AM

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Jan 1 2015 09:00AM

You are now entering the tipping point of 2015, the year that we have suggested is the turning point for all of humanity on Earth. Everything that has gone before to promote changes and a new world is beginning to come to fruition. Old thoughts and ideas will go by the wayside to allow the new. So expect change in much of the statuesque, if it does not serve and align with the new ideas. It is time to rethink your world, your reality. How would you have this new world to be? How shall you choose to be? You are the messenger, one of the the light post for change. It is really all about you. How can you change? Indeed, how can you reimagine yourself? Can you be the change in the world that is happening? What is the one thing that you can be passionate about that you have never allowed yourself to commit totally to? Reimagine yourself, reinvent the new you, and create a new you! Be a different person as you have never been before! Allow all the spiritual information and highest ideas you have been exposed and privileged to, to be your guide. Trust that love and compassion will be of the new energies of the new year being created now. Become passionate as never before, about your new choices, love what you are about and share it with others. You have choices, choose the ones that make you happy. Life is much to short to do things that do not serve you and make you happy. What is your hidden desire? Is it to be a singer, a lover of music? Would you wish to be the artist who paints or perhaps one is the poet or writer? It is not about becoming rich or famous but fulfilling a need inside of you. You have repressed and hidden talents to express the new you from past life experiences and desires! If you are passionate about them and they hold your fascination, then they are for you to experience now, if you will desire them. Find the new you within these and you will discover a fuller, more evolved, and complete you as never before. This is the first day for the rest of your life. What shall you make of it? It is not what you do for a living to pay your bills. It is rather the personal things that you do that expresses and defines you as a person. You will discover these inner jewels in sharing with others, in helping others, in loving others, in being a friend. Re-invent yourself and the Universe will support you as always. Ask and you shall receive is more than inspirational words, it is God’s promise to you! We are; Alexander

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