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By ncihd, Feb 6 2019 03:52AM

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, Jan 1 2015 09:00AM

You are now entering the tipping point of 2015, the year that we have suggested is the turning point for all of humanity on Earth. Everything that has gone before to promote changes and a new world is beginning to come to fruition. Old thoughts and ideas will go by the wayside to allow the new. So expect change in much of the statuesque, if it does not serve and align with the new ideas. It is time to rethink your world, your reality. How would you have this new world to be? How shall you choose to be? You are the messenger, one of the the light post for change. It is really all about you. How can you change? Indeed, how can you reimagine yourself? Can you be the change in the world that is happening? What is the one thing that you can be passionate about that you have never allowed yourself to commit totally to? Reimagine yourself, reinvent the new you, and create a new you! Be a different person as you have never been before! Allow all the spiritual information and highest ideas you have been exposed and privileged to, to be your guide. Trust that love and compassion will be of the new energies of the new year being created now. Become passionate as never before, about your new choices, love what you are about and share it with others. You have choices, choose the ones that make you happy. Life is much to short to do things that do not serve you and make you happy. What is your hidden desire? Is it to be a singer, a lover of music? Would you wish to be the artist who paints or perhaps one is the poet or writer? It is not about becoming rich or famous but fulfilling a need inside of you. You have repressed and hidden talents to express the new you from past life experiences and desires! If you are passionate about them and they hold your fascination, then they are for you to experience now, if you will desire them. Find the new you within these and you will discover a fuller, more evolved, and complete you as never before. This is the first day for the rest of your life. What shall you make of it? It is not what you do for a living to pay your bills. It is rather the personal things that you do that expresses and defines you as a person. You will discover these inner jewels in sharing with others, in helping others, in loving others, in being a friend. Re-invent yourself and the Universe will support you as always. Ask and you shall receive is more than inspirational words, it is God’s promise to you! We are; Alexander

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