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Memories - Remanifested

By ncihd, Jul 12 2020 02:38AM

Hello, we are Alexander

Welcome to the reality of your life. May we tell you, You live your life by momories. Mwmories of what has gone before, memories of yesterdays, memories of what has been in this life and, lifetime even before this one. And you will say how can that be? I have no memory of any other lifetime. However we suggest that you are eternal beings, living lifetime after lifetime. You may indeed may believe you do not remember any of youur past lifes or experiencs. You may not remember any exact experience and yet things are happening around you from thoses. They are repersentive of your remanifested abilities, your current attitudes, even your difficults, and postive memories from past lifes. You live your life and operate by memories. What you do day by day is by memories. What if you live your life as a continuance of what you did and experienced in a past life. Look at what is now happening around you. Notice your emotions and attitudes and you may be able to relate those to past experiences. Without memories what would you be? You relive your past by emotional attitudes and in emotional manifestion. They remanifest so you may decide if the are you are doing your highest and best. You are doing emotions that you are here to learn to love! Most everyone has memories of things they wish they had done differently, and given another chance they would choose to do it differently. These are the things that bring you back lifetime after lifetime. The ancient Egyipans belived when you died your heart was weighted to see how you did in that life. So in your life review how will your emotions weight out?

Now here is your revelation, your saving grace. Reconize that you can re - membor your emotional trancressions and clear them from your soul awarewness. It envolves forgiving yourself and any others you may have been involved with. Forgive Yourself for any alements or difficults you may be manifesed in this lifetime.

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