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By ncihd, Feb 6 2019 03:57AM

By ncihd blog: by Jim Buchanan, May 12 2018 11:57PM

The plants you have surrounded yourself with, are an expression of you! From small plants you tend within your homes, to those that you care for outside, to even those that are parts of your greater surroundings, they all impact you & your personality! If you have within your home a small fern or flowering plants, it repersent a softness & caring within you. If outside, you have flowering plants with brilliant blosums, or ones with shiny green leafs, it may be a representation of an outgoing personality, one who loves life and is excited with life. And the trees, palms are usually laid back, easy going, causal dressers! While tall pines or redwoods repersent strenth, the ability to control your world, but also the ability to bend & adapt to a changing world around them. Then there are the tall oaks, strength, unyeilding, even stuborness. Now take note of the type of trees that populate your world. You are drawn to these type of trees because they are of your energies. A forest of trees means you are ok living close togetther, such as in cities. If your trees are more sparse, greater varities, or few, then you are likely to be a loner, one who love your solitude. While these are generalities, take note of how you think you woud feel with each of the energies. Are you content or are you missing something? Observe that you are not seperate from the world of plants surrounding you, but rather they are an internal part of your phychic! Without the plants stablizing infulunces, you would find life most difficult. So what if you live in a space where plant life does not exist? Then we suggest then you identify more closely with animal life! You are each creators, you create the world you desire! We are Alexander

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