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From the grape, in dissolution, came forth wine

Wine has been called the “Elixir of the Gods”. The making of wine predates your history. In Greece & most of the world around 300BC, it was considered a safer drink than water, due to the unknown impurities found in water. Indeed this was the drink of celebrations as well as the ideal drink to consume with your meals. White wines were more desirable than reds at one time due to the association of red wine with blood. The making of wine was considered as much an art then, as it is in your world today. After the fermentation of the wine, in was sealed in clay vases called “amphoras” and sealed with a clay lid using a pine rosin to preserve it. The use of glass bottles is a rather new innovation, which allows the beauty of the wine to show through. The Catholic church, since it’s inception, has been one of major supporter of wine through it use of wine as a part of it’s ceremonies. Indeed most Catholic churches during the middle ages, had taverns on their grounds which served wine. Wines have always been considered “the drink” to have at social events.

So now when you are partaking in a small glass of wine, allow your self to slip (sip) back in time to past lives, past experiences, and imagine what it was like in the beginning of time, the events of the pyramids, the golden age of Greece, the height of the Roman empire, the troubled middle ages, the British expansion, the old & new Americas, and even today. It is all brought to you, in your meditations, by your association with the “Elixir of the Gods”, the humble spiritual glass of wine!

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