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By ncihd, Jun 15 2020 10:32PM


A Mystical Experience

By Jim Buchanan

Have you ever touched Heaven? Has it ever talked to you?

Wasn’t it Jesus who said “In my father’s house are many mansions”?

Or you might say there are many experiences.

Now what you experience will probably be different than mine.

If you mediate somewhat regularly, then you are aware of the peaceful

state of mind that can you enter into. This I would say is a lightly touching of heaven. Sometimes however it may take a shock of something different in your life to enter into a deeper meditative state. Then perhaps Heaven communicates and talks to you! I do not know how or if this relates in any way to what I’ve heard of as “ A near death experience”. So I will only say that to me this was a Heavenly Mystical experience.

I recently had a health emergence and while there I was diagnose with cancer of the lymph node under my right armpit. To me Cancer is a death senesce. I was wheeled back to my hospital room in a very depressed state. I remember questioning life and death. Do we simple lose consciousness and cease to exist? My mind did little to resolve my delimia. So I choose to mediate for some answers and to find some peace of mind. This time it feels different. I sense a warm light surrounding me, even embracing me. I sense a presents around me, so I ask who is there? There is a loud booming voice that responds. “I am your God, your higher self, and you are connected to a higher source”.

My eyes are closed, however there appears before me a white cloud

which is slowly rotating clockwise I ask if I’m having a near dearth experience? The response is ,”No You still have things to do.” “However what you are being shown is a preview of coming attractions for you.”

“When you pass over these are the things you will experience what you loved or had a strong attachments to,” “It is the same for each Soul. only each will have different experiences” As it rotates, there appears a four pane window at a height that I might look in . It is much like the old wooden windows of yesterday. As I gaze into a window, I see what appears to be a warm glowing blue crystal cathedral. It has no straight side, but is free form with spiral crystals atop reaching great heights. The cloud slowly rotates, and another window appears. There appears to be a dinner party with many people enjoying the food and wine and loud conversation. My mind races with questions as I try to comprehend what I’m being shown, but I decide to leave them until later so as to not stop the visions I’m being shown .

Again the cloud slowly turns and another window appears. There appears a smiling male face in the window waving to me. I’m thinking this may besomeone from my teen age years. In the background there are more people waving to me.

In another window, my parents appear and many other old friends.

So now I ask, why I’m being shown all this? A booming voice says, “These

things you will experience when you cross over. It is a preview of what is to come, and this that has been your experiences in this life time.” I am hearing music and another window appears with brightly clothed musicians, it has a

bouncy calypso sound. The cloud continues to rotate showing more and more windows. In one window There is one with some of the old flames and emotions I had experienced and how those lifes have worked out. With a booming voice says “These things you will experience when you cross over.

The cloud continues to rotate showing more and more windows. So now I ask, why I’m being shown all this? A booming voice is saying “These thing youwill experience when you cross over. Each window shows what you will

work on. “It is a preview of what is to come. It is a time of life review, And

their planning for a new reincarnation.” “Each Soul can access their own

windows and know where they have fallen short in this lifetime.”

The cloud turns again and now here appears before me three figures. I recognize one as Jesus. He is wearing a white robe and appears with about a weeks beard growth. “He is saying let all your creation be of love. Let your creations be the best and highest for everyone involved. If they are not, ask why not and then change accordingly. Let your creations be three fold.”

The second figure step forth and says He is Michael. Michael wears a white robe, and is carrying a bag like luggage. “I am your consciousness and I am about forgiveness of yourself and everyone else. It is all about the baggage you carry with you. It was what was necessary to get you to where you are now. Try to forgive yourself and accept what has gone before as your path.”

The third figure steps forth and says he is Simon. “I am the third fold of your

creations. Let your word be your bond, your truth always. This is how others will judge you and how you will judge yourself. Let it always be of your highest and best. Honor and help those around you.”

All three are asking are you now ready to touch your windows?

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