Scripture viewed from a broader point of view can give a far more objective perspective.

In this video we look at Christ's teachings related to:

"The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You..."

"How Do I Pray...?"

Seeing past a vengeful God and accept a loving one. The external world vs. the internal world and utilizing the power of intangibles... You're accepting of who you really are, your relationship to the universe, and accessing your personal spiritual power.

In this video we look beyond the traditional dogma associated with spirituality and the illusions created in the physical world.

Your already as spiritual as you are going to get you simply have to consciously look past the illusion of separation from God and learn to access that that part of you that is and always has been connected to God's universe.

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In this lecture we look into how we are all connected to the Universe, the Planet, and Each Other...

Life is full of experiences some that are pleasurable, fun, exciting and many that are not and even more that are somewhere in between but they all offer the opportunity to grow and development into what we can be…

In this lecture we explore the importance of how programming influences everything we experience and based on this process we create the attitude and perspective we live by.

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