"A lifetime regardless of how long is lived a moment at a time from birth to finish and at any time during that life time it s always worth looking at where you are in your own mind; others will always have their opinions but it is not what they say or think that has any real influence since it is what you want to believe about yourself that rules your life..."


In this lecture I point out several levels of energy exchange that take place all around us countless times each and every day that most people pay little or no attention to at all; however with the use of a little perception adjustment these energy exchanges can become an important enchantment to their communication skills.

This lecture addresses some of the little understood aspects of what is and will be happening over the next 50 years as associated with the 2012 event.

Who You Are vs. Who You Think You Are Spirituality has existed since the emergence of the universe and probably before that.

Human kind on this planet has evolved has finally allowed their perspective to include a new acceptance of whom and what they truly are... Now is the time to take the step forward past the illusions of the physical world and accept their place and roll in the dimensional worlds.

Getting in touch with your Higher-Self and what it can mean to you in relation to two of the most important aspects of life: Love and Your Personal Power...

Stimulus vs. the experience... Belief vs. reality... Your personal experience...

You gain input from the physical world outside you but you live in the world within you and it is here that you evaluate every experience you have in the outside world. You create your reality through your beliefs and if you adjust your beliefs you can create a new reality within you and literally change the world within you and your experience of the world outside you.

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