A Historical Overview of Concepts in Human Development

NEW CONCEPTS IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (NCIHD) is a division of CONCEPTS IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.  Concepts was founded in 1977, to promote a holistic approach to the field of Human Development and work to understand more completely the integration of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Concepts is recognized by the State of California (Statute 23701d) and the United States Government as a Spiritual Organization (Statute 501 (c) 3) and in 1979 by the Private Post-Secondary Division of the California State Board of Education as an Educational Institution through The California Institute For Human Development.


Concepts does not desire to be in conflict with any belief system, only to enhance the human experience through sharing expanded understanding of the world around us and within us; and is a non-denominational spiritual and educational organization recognizing and supporting the common spirituality that is shared by all mankind.


Concepts has worked as an educational institution in San Diego County, California, since it’s inception in 1977 and in the late 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s worked in Orange County, CA as well. From 1979 through 1982 Concept’s educational division The California Institute For Human Development worked in association with World University in Ojai, CA and its extension University in Orange County, CA.

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Dr. Montross Pelton

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Dr. Jan Kennedy

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Dr. Lock G. Ding

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Captain Harvey Kirk

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Dr. Eugine C. Larr

Professor, Dr. Joseph Labonville

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Donald Swartz

1981 World University of Orange County schedule:

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In 1981 The Founder and President of Concepts, Dr. Larry L’Heureux and Margaret Hilzer, Secretary/Treasurer of Concepts were among the delegates from World University and University Without Walls that attended the Tri-annual meeting of The International Association Of University Presidents being held in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America.  In the delegation was: Dr.  Benito & Dr. Dominga Reyes representing World University in Ojai, Dr. Harold Stokes representing World University in Orange, Dr. Mel Sudd representing University Without Walls of Santa Monica; and Dr. Larry L’Heureux and Margaret Hilzer representing The California Institute For Human Development and World University of Orange.

This conference was an opportunity to interact with political leaders and educators from

all over the world. The following is a pictorial review of some of what took place:

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An introduction to the president of Costa Rica Pictured in the foreground, left to right:  Dr. Rodrigo Carazo, the president of Costa Rica, Dr. Larry L’Heureux and Margaret Hilzer; and in the background right to left are the United States Ambassador to Costa Rica and his wife.

Dr. Larry L’Heureux presenting President Rodrigo Cazaro with an Honorary Doctorate In Human Development for his continued humanitarian efforts.Present in this photo are, from left to right; the first lady of Costa Rica, Mrs. Carazo; the president of Costa Rica; Dr. L’Heureux; and Dr. Stokes.


The public acceptance of the award: Pictured left to right:

Dr. Dominga Reyes, Dr. Bonito Reyes, the first lady of Costa Rica, the president of Costa Rica, and Dr. Larry L'Heureux

In attendance from all over the world were seven hundred university presidents and five hundred alternates.  In the center focus are, from left to right: Dr. Mel Sudd, Margaret Hilzer, Dr. Larry L’Heureux, Dr. Dominga Reyes, and Dr. Bonito Reyes.

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Pictured left to right:  Dr. Larry L’Heureux, Mrs. Chow, Dr, Stokes, and Dr. Chow, the president of the International Association of University Presidents at that time.


Pictured right to left is the police commissioner of Fairfield, Connecticut, his wife, and Dr. Larry L'Heureux


Concepts participated in the 1981 commencement ceremony at World University in Ojai, CA where Dr. Larry L’Heureux addressed the graduating class and presented the co-founders of World University Dr. Benito and Dr. Dominga Reyes with honorary Doctorates in Human Development for their many years of dedicated service to the educational field. Pictured left to right: Dr. Dominga Reyes, Dr. Bonito Reyes, Dr. Larry L’Heureux, and Dr. Mel Sudd



Early in 1982 Concepts produced a documentary film for television on endangered species of animals entitled “Give Us Another Sunrise”.

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In November of 1982 Concepts was the non-profit umbrella for an fundraiser for “Abused and Battered Children” held at Movie Land Frontier Town in Colton, CA. From 1980 to 1994 Concepts presented at the educational programs produced through “The Abundant Light Foundation” and from 1993 through 2002 Concepts provided the non-profit umbrella for “The Abundant Light Foundation” and “Concepts Magazine”.

From 1995-2005 Concepts acted as the non-profit umbrella for the Chapel of In-Lightenment. New Concepts continues to work, teach, and present in the Human Development field all over Southern CA and the world.