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THE REIFICATION of ENERGY is a visual media special effect created in postproduction to enhance the viewer experience by making visible, invisible energy and its interactions with the visible.  It is applicable to all digital visual media, where it can target any market, anywhere.


The worldwide visual media market exceeds one trillion dollars, and is expanding.


Reification of Energy’s emotional impact will be particularly effective in movies and



Reification’s effectiveness in communicating emotions will create demand.  Ease of

implementation and low cost make it practical.


World human population is 7,350,000,000; North America is 567,915,000.  Internet users

globally are 2,923,000,000; North Americas are 326,000,000.  The average global monthly

use is 22.8 hours per user; and North American is 32.6 hours.  Global Internet usage is

66,644,400,000 person hours per month, and 10,627,600,000 in North America.  

The Internet is the largest, fastest growing, wide open market in the world.  

The Reification of Energy is tailor made for the Internet.  


Assuming users see 10 adds an hour, worldwide users view 666,444,000,000 adds monthly;

and North Americans view 106,276,000,000 adds monthly.


Global Internet users see 7,997,328,000 adds annually, 666,444,000 monthly, 153,373,414

weekly, 21,910,488 daily, 912,937 hourly, 15,216 a minute, and 255 adds per-second.  

Now that is a market!


The Reification of Energy effect will enhance the emotional impact of any product advertising,

in any market.  Internet advertisers will be globally make billions of memorable, high impact

statements each year.  I ask, “How many advertisers will leave this opportunity on the table?”  

Number Of Internet Users Average Duration Of Internet Use