The Reification Of Energy

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This disclosure relates to a patented invention to reify the presence of energy and its effects.  [Reify: make something more concrete, real, or perceivable.]


Energy is everywhere, yet generally unperceived.  A method to reify energy will be an enhancement to the visual arts.


Energy interacts with and influences its environment.  This disclosure describes the use of visual effects to communicate the presence, effects, and interactions, of unseen energy.  When these visual effects are used to enhance digital still or moving pictures, they communicate emotions and feelings associated with the presence and flow of energy.  The viewer will experience, by a visual language, energy’s previously un-communicated fields, effects, interactions, and associated emotions and feelings.


Reified Energy, in combination with action, dialogue, music, and sound effects, will communicate a full range of emotions and feelings; and direct an audience as the producer/director intended.


Advertising often portrays a conversion scenario; in which, a subject is converted into a buyer.  Utilizing the described invention, the sequence of emotional and intellectual transitions can be reified to direct the viewer more effectively to the desired buying decision.


The nature, intensity, and flow of emotional energy can be reified with the use of color, tone, and motion.  


The goal of the Reification of Energy Project, LLC is to license the patent rights to software developers, which will create the infrastructure to implement this patented technology.


The annual video editing software industry is a $10 Billion USA and $15 Billion Worldwide market.  It serves the $2 trillion worldwide Visual Arts Industry.  

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For further information, contact the inventor, Larry L'Heureux, larry@ncihd.org.