Rev. Dr. Jim Buchanan began his metaphysical adventures in the late 1980s, working with the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. organization. Those teachings were the foundation for his works today. Since then he has studied with many others, including Rev. Pamela Wangler and he is an ordained minister of her "Stairway Of Light Spiritual Church". Rev. Dr. Jim Buchanan was the founder and minster of "The Chapel Of In-Lightenment" in Poway for some 20 years.


One of his passions is the Philosophical Library where he presents "Alexander Speaks" on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7PM.  Here, "Alexander" truly delights in interacting with everyone, sharing his spiritual philosophy, revealing their past lives and how they affect their present life. He also aids other spiritual groups, organizations, and churches, throughout the greater San Diego area through talks, trainings, and with channeling demonstrations of "Alexander".


He is an ordained minister and advisor with Rev. Doctor Larry L'Heureux's organization, "New Concepts In Human Development".  They are currently involved in DVD productions of "Spiritual Philosophy and Practices", including Jim's "Alexander Speaks". These will soon be available locally and on their web site.


Rev. Dr. Jim is a practitioner of many different kinds of healing modalities, including Reki, Mystic Healings from the Philippines, Energy Movement With Awareness, and he is also a certified Hypnotherapist.


To sum it up, Rev. Dr. Jim is a philosopher, a sensitive, a physic intuitive, and a "life's direction" counselor, and when he finds time he composes song lyrics from spirit.

Rev. Dr. Jim Buchanan Biography