Scientist have discovered what they have termed the "God Particle". But what is the consciousness behind this energy? What is the creative force that give it existence? How does it effect you?
Your world is changing, evolving around you. Have you noticed? It is a time and in a place where your energies need to be open and freed for these change to occur. Forgiveness is one of the major stumbling blocks for many awaiting these changes. Alexander suggest 4 steps that will release these stuck energies by fully and completely forgiving yourself. This in turn, open you up to joy, peacefulness, and change. You will find you are the creator of your live experiences. You will discover you can direct your thoughts and thereby your creations. Now you are evolving with the energies of change in this time and you are the energy that can potentially change the whole of the world!

It is NOT as your history books have said. It goes much beyond and above that. It is Alexander's "Bigger Picture" version or vision of Earthly history from a spiritual perspective. It suggest that most have come here as intelligence or aware consciousnesses and have discovered they can play upon this physical plane. It discusses how we have taken on animal forms or bodies and have created the human race through "intelligent design". Is this then a training ground for Godly beings through the creation of social societies that allow interaction, observation , and growth? You decide!

Human Evolution - Alexander talks of your evolution from the earliest times up to things that are happening today. The next step. Evolution is accepting that you are creative Beings...your life is created by your perception, your experience - your empowerment It is your world, how will you make it...

If you have had past lives then you will have been either a warrior or a slave. Then recognize they influence how you think and act now. But this is a time of change. How will you be?

When your thoughts are independent of accepted believes, then you may be a philosopher. This can be your key to evolvement, enlightenment, wisdom & calm in the stroms of life! Alexander suggests certain aids for your conscideration.

Happiness is a state of mind! Alexander proposes that love is the way, love of self, love of others, love of your experiences. It is why you are here now. It is the quest of all spiritual being.

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