Rev. Lorina Pyle Biography

Reverend Lorina Pyle is a very blessed mother of eight and a grandmother. With the love and support of her husband and family, she joined the spiritualist community in 2002. Knowing instantly that the philosophy of Spiritualism resonated completely with her thoughts and beliefs. It was such a relief to know that many others were having the same experiences such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clear sentience in which she had experienced since the age of three.


Lorina has had the privilege of taking classes and working with many great mediums at the First Spiritualist Church, Harmony Grove, and The Open Door. Serving at these establishments have helped her to better understand why she has these spiritual gifts and assist her in fine tuning and sharpening her psychic abilities.


Lorina is a Spiritualist Minister, Auric Healer, Minister of Healing, Lecturer, Certified Trance Medium, and Teacher. She now serves on the board of trustees at First Spiritualist Church as president.


Her motto is live by the golden rule: maintain personal responsibility, live in awareness, forgive daily, accept love, and give selflessly. We are all expressions of the divine spirit known as God.