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You're not alone. What you think, say, and do, are manifested into the physical. You are the director, the God Center is the other part of creation. Observe!

Your questions create answers. Even before your thought is complete the answer has already within your greater consciousness. How do you connect with it?

Relationships are mirrors to how you think, act, and are being. Those around you are no accident. They are drawn to you as if you are the magnet and they are the iron that tempers you to greater strength.

Have you lived before? What if you are a contenious energy that manifest life after life? Then would not each life effect the other ? What was an emotional event in one life is still playing out until it become loveable, allowable, and accepted. You are here to re-experience those events and emotions.

What if you could access information of thing to happen by simply allowing in to enter into your awareness when you are not so active mentally. Allow Alexander to teach you how meditation and intent will bring it forth with a little practice.

One of your Soul's primary purpose is to help life continue beyond 2012. Beyond this, your personal quest is to experience the things you love, the things that disturbe you, the things you fear!

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