To Know thyself! To know who you truely are spiritually, mentally, emotionlly. This is the prerequisite for all who wish to evolve, to stand within their own special awareness. Alexander suggest meditation to become the observer of yourself. Here in, you will gain the insights to your emotions, why certain things cause reactions and how to change them.

Darwin or God created? Which theory is correct? Consider a third possibility, that of intelligent design. What if all things have consciousness from the single cell through the most advanced multi-cell beings? What if they created then by desire?

This is a continuation of "Know Thy Self". When you have discovered who you are you will begin to see that the "belived reality" you have assumed in this lifetime is the magnetics that draws your future experience to you.

Intragration, body, mind, spirit. Alexander proposes that it is indeed, not only possible but a necessary part of growth and evolvement especially for post 2012 survivors who are aware of their part and purpose in the creation of a better, more loving world.

Consciousness, that wholeness of you that creates your world. It is your unconsciousness, your higher consciousnes, your God consciousness. Miss any one piece and you are mis- creating the things of your desires.

These are the ways the physical world mirrors back to you. Judgements become the things you choose to disallow for your self. More judgements create less freedoms!

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